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The Grass is Always -- an arrow prayer


4.22.17 Lord, thanks for the quiet morning time in my window seat pondering life while I look out at the cold rainy day.  I was inspired to make this graphic and dared to step out barefoot in the cold wet grass to snap a photo. You created me into such an interesting being to do such a thing! In a weird way, the cold wet grass was enjoyable because it woke up my senses and told me I was alive. I wondered if the neighbors were watching and laughing at me. Our zoysia grass is always the last to turn green in the Spring and just a week ago I was moaning because when it was cut, it appeared yellow again. But this cold wet rain is also making alive my grass.  Look how green it is just a week later!  Thank You, Lord, for the joy of the cold wet grass this morning.  As I ponder it, it makes me think of the struggles I have had with my neighbor this week.  I'm struggling to find that balance between not letting her walk all over me and take advantage of my long-time extended kindness versus standing up for my rights and taking action, even if it makes her angry at me.  Your cold wet rain that You sent me this morning has reminded me that a little watering can make things new again. Lord, if I water this relationship for a change for the better, will it really get better or will it be perceived as fake? I guess the only way to find out is to bestow some kindness and see if it is taken as genuine or as pretending I care. I feel like this person is one who will see things as negative no matter what is done, always turning something good into something bad. So I think to myself, "why even try?"  Lord, should I try or should I just let things settle? Do I water or do I dry it out?

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