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Arrow Prayer: God Please be my Strength


Arrow prayer 3.23.15  God, please be my strength.  I rest in You.  So much death knocking at the doors of those I love.  In November, it was my sweet granddaughter Abigail.  In January, Aunt Norma; in February, Aunt Nancy; in March, Uncle Jerry; and now my Uncle Bob's breathing tube has been removed, with him being in a coma, and it is just a matter of Your timing, God.  I want to yell and say, isn't enough, enough?! I'm done!  No more!  At least that is what my heart is screaming.  However, on the other spectrum, I have two great niece or nephew's on the way too.  It is just the cycle of life.  The life You give us, Lord. I'm exhausted mentally and physically.  God, please be my strength.

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