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Assorted Challenges

Set 1

2. Paint Chip

I have seen many great layouts by traditional paper scrapbookers who utilize paint chips that can be found at any store selling paints for free. What a great accent to a page for free! Traditional scrapbookers can get pretty creative with them. How creative can you get?

I am including my .psd file for you to use as a template to put in your own colors.

Here are some ideas for you in ways that you can utilize a paint chip.

1. Use it as a tag for a title. Write across the whole paint chip or write one word in each square.

2. Cut into squares and hang from a ribbon or rope as a title.

3. Punch a hole in one end, thread ribbons, and cut in the shape of a tag.

4. Cut it into pieces and position it into a square mat.

5. Cut into corner pieces around a photo.

6. Use it for journaling

7. Cut into thin strips and create a border around the entire layout.

8. Add a piece of vellum and stickers to it.

9. Use two pieces of it next to a white square to make a journal box.

10. Punch shapes into it.

11. Use them as a mat behind photos.

12. Use them to ground your layout, reaching from one edge of the layout to the other.

13. Grunge up the edges; ink up the edges; sand the edges.

14. Cut into thin strips and use to accent layout.

15. Cut into thin strips and use as borders between photos.

16. Rip/tear the paint chip.

17. Use an overlay with the paint chip

Here is the download.

Here is my layout.

Here is a bit of inspiration I found years ago at a site no longer available called scrapbookfavs.

Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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