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Assorted Challenges

Set 1

3. Spelling with Images

Create a layout using spelling with one of these tools! You may have to get a screen shot. I used the snipping tool in Windows to get mine. I also used the color replacement tool to change the color of mine.

Spell with Flickr

Spell with geoGreeting

Another site with inspiration:

OR....IF you are really inspired, go out and take photos of your own alphabets out of inanimate objects and use them in your layouts!

Make letters and words with:

1. Flower petals

2. Buttons

3. Candy

4. Paper

5. Shells

6. Flowers & stems

7. Icing

8. Blocks

9. Tape

10. Sticks

11. Straws

12. Clothespins

13. Food

14. Glitter

15. Matches

16. String

17. Hairpins

18. Bows

19. Stitches

20. The ideas are endless!


. . . and here's my layout!

Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!



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