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Set 1

20. Sgraffito

Do you ever incorporated altered art into your layouts?

Many of us are afraid to alter our photos, but with software, it is easier for us to do than with real photos that would be permanently damaged.

Sgraffito is an art technique whereby one scratches through the upper layer to review the lower layer. Its origin is in pottery, plaster, and ceramic, but is more recently applied to photos.

Here is a sample of it used on a wall.

I am remembering those black sheets of paper in elementary school where we scratched a photo through the black and it revealed a rainbow of colors through our lines. Does anyone else remember those?

Although the example above is a design, I am thinking about how cool this would be to just take our eraser tools and scratch some straight lines into our photos. It doesn't have to be a design, it can be something grungy. 

So, how would we do this? I think it would be easy for us to just put an interesting layer below our photo layer and then utilize various brushes with the erasure tool to scratch up our photos.

Who is going to try it? I think this challenge could be a great way to inspire each other with the ideas that we come up with.

Remember, scratch tools (our erasure) can be either soft or much needs to show through?


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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