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Challenge 11 - The Element: Staples


One staple is available with this class, but if you want to purchase all of my staples, which are also with a commercial use license, they are available in my Esty Store.

Staples are another "binding" type of element just like hinges, buttons, chains, and eyelets.  They are the classic "put things together" element.  However, I challenge you to use them in a create way.

Can you put them in an unusual place where you would not normally staple?

Can you use multiple staples together in a unique way?

Can you staple something that isn't normally seen stapled? 

Try re-coloring the staple.

Fold a corner and hold it down with a staple.

Scatter staples like confetti.

Make a chain of staples.

Make a letter or other shape with a line of staples.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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