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Challenge 15 - The Element - Bottlecaps

Bottlecaps are more used in traditional scrapbooking than digital scrapbooking.  I am not sure why the transition did not carry over and stay.  When I first started digital scrapbooking, bottlecaps were used more in digital scrapbooking.  They puzzled me as they did not seem realistic.  Wouldn't they be too thick for a paper page to be realistic?  Then I realized when I went down the scrapbooking isle at the local store that they were everywhere!  In fact, it is even hard to find a soda bottle with a real bottlecap on it anymore in the grocery store. 

Think about what you can do with a real bottlecap.  You might take a metal pick and poke a whole through it in order to string or hang things. You might use it to anchor something.  You might put one letter on each cap and line them up for a title.  The ideas are as endless as your imagination.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!





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