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Challenge 14 - The Element - Alphabets


Alphabets are fun because they can come in so many unique fonts and styles.  They can really make a layout just using them as a title.

What else can you do unique with an alpha?  Of course, you can use just one letter as a huge monogram.  You could let them fall through the page or hang them on a string.  You could scatter them about the layout.  You could add them on top of brads or other elements to make a new element.  You could use them as the first letter of a list.  Try hanging stringed elements from an alpha and tilting them naturally.  Make alphabets into shapes, frames, or even into a letter shape! Stack them, layer them, turn them in quirky ways.  Put them on color squares or shapes cut from papers.  Make alphabet soup, sit down to relax, and see where it inspires you.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!



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