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What is a Pseudo Video? Definition?

This must be a new trend! Ah! I keep seeing it on Youtube videos in the description. What in the world is a pseudo video?

The definition of "pseduo" is " not actually but having the appearance of."

So a pseudo video is one that is not actually a video, but gives the appearance of being a video. I am sure everyone has seen them. Have you ever watched a music video and the screen stays the same throughout the entire song? Most often it is the cover of the album of the song. So it is a fake video for the purposes of just listening to the song, but since it is on Youtube, it has to be a video, so the creator, in video software, creates one image and tells the video software to display it for a very long time, then adds the sound to the video (i.e. music). Inquiring minds wanted to know!

So there you have it. Now that is our new phrase for the day!



P.S. This was one of my most searched blog posts, so when I closed down the blog, it was the first techy post I just had to move over, with over 1,179 views. I hope the search engines pick it up again.

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