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Who is linking to your website?


I like to know who is linking to me so that I can post a comment and give warm fuzzies back!

How do you find out who is linking to you?

First, in Google search engine, simply type in "link:" followed by the site and it will bring up a list of people linking to that site. How easy is that?

Click on "tools" and change the time to more recent links.

First written 5/14/2008.


How do you know when someone blogs about you?
This one is mostly for the other digital scrapbooking designers out there!

I should go through and repeat a lot of the info on my blog, huh? There's so much good stuff here that has gotten buried! I sometimes forget that just because I've mentioned something once that it doesn't mean that every caught it. I'm sure many of my posts were made before the current followers found me!

I shared this a long time ago, but decided to do a video this time.

I'm often told "you are everywhere on the internet." Well, not so. Seriously. I get most of my info right out of my Bloglines (RSS subscriptions). Here's one sample of how in this video!

Impressions can be lasting. If you make someone feel good, they remember it. What better way to make someone feel good than to find when they blog about you and leave them a comment back!