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Allergy Cast - there's an ap for that!


I've never had allergies before, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm developing them. I began to wonder if I could get an ap on my phone that told me about allergy casts so that I would know when the allergens were lower so I could open the house back up.  Yep!  There's an ap for that!
There is one called "Allergy Advisor" that works well.

It shows the current weather, as well as the pollen level and what pollens are predominant.

The cool part is that you can mark your symptoms and what allergens were predominant on that day and it produces charts for you to help you discover your allergies. It even has a chart by month.

There is another ap called "Allergy Alert" by It shows similar information and it is good to have two to verify the information posted. What this ap does that the other does not is a 4-day forecast.



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