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Reminder -- Check your Social Networking Connections

Remove Access



I received an email from IFTTT with a photo of me that I recently posted to my personal Facebook page, marketing their new features. I was a bit appalled, to say the least. I had used IFTTT for a while to auto post my blog posts to my Facebook page and Twitter, but then it stopped working, which may have been a temporary glitch, and I stopped using it. In fact, just this past weekend I had removed the app from my phone deciding I was not going to use it again. I only used it to post to my Facebook page, not my personal account, so to get a photo of myself in a swimsuit from them in an email that I posted to my personal page was a bit disturbing.

I was reminded to check all of the apps that connect to my social networking. I want to pass that reminder onto you, my blog readers. Before I deactivated my IFTTT account, I disconnected and/or revoked access to social networking.

Whenever I use an app on my smart phone, it asks me to connect to various social networking sites, most often to hook up with friends, to post to my Facebook page, and sometimes just to use it as a log in. Sometimes I want this, but sometimes when I stop using an app, I should remember to revoke access of it to my accounts. This is a screen shot of what is left of my apps after I revoked access to many things. In fact, I may remove some more of these. You will note there were originally 49 accounts! I was shocked!

Here are some handy links for you to utilize in checking your connections. (click security and then connected applications) ("Groups, Companies & Applications" and then "View you applications") ("Manage Consent" in the additional options)