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Free Color IQ Test


A Free Color IQ Test is locatedĀ here. I think it is a wonderful challenge for digital scrapbookers!

Here's my results above. My score was 16, but I did do it fairly quickly and my eyes were going google-eyed! It's like when you stare at dots long enough you begin seeing more dots! I did not know if it was timed or not, so I wanted to hurry. Sometimes these things are timed, but this one did not seem to be after I saw the results. I think I mixed up just a few of the blues, but got everything else right. Yeah!

Then you can continue the scoring to see how you compare to others your age. I'm on the top part of the bar! Yeah! I guess I see color okay. With a little more time, and a bit of looking away from the computer, I might have gotten a perfect score.