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Oceans of Energy

I saw this quote shared on Facebook and it is amazing how coincidence happens sometimes, just when I created this layout about creativity imploding, I read this quote.

I have never liked the word "mojo" (as in needing more "scrapping mojo"), which really means "motivation," but I like the use of the words "oceans of energy" in this quote instead.

That is what we are all missing when we feel burnt out and unmotivated to scrap (or do anything else in life).  We are missing that oceans of energy.

As my layout shares, I often have to step back and relearn that I cannot force things, but rather let them flow naturally like a river or an ocean (see more on this on layout referenced at above link).

If you look in the sidebar of my blog you will see this quote that I love.  It has been in the sidebar since I started the blog.  The reason I love it is because it says the kind of person deep down inside that I want to be.  I have a drive to make a difference in people's lives.  It's always been there.  It's why I love to teach.

Now go back to the first quote I saw today.  How do we make a difference?  By using what we have, by using our gifts and our talents.  Not by force, but by the natural flow from what already motivates us.

It is like the old adage that the first person in the house who wakes up can set the mood for the entire house.  The way you feel is projected and rubs off on other people, even if you try to hide it, it still seeps out.

So if you are forcing something, that rubs off on other people, but if you are enjoying it, that rubs off on other people.

Another reason I love the quote is because my Grandma used to sign all her cards "oceans and oceans of love" and now we have "oceans of energy," but only if we stop trying.

So why are we trying so hard?  STOP TRYING!


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