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Accepting Everyone

Accepting Everyone


Written 5/18/07

I've been learning lately that as Christians we need to practice accepting others for who they are, especially in light of gay marriage debates.

We have to accept everyone for who they are or we as Christians appear as if we think we are better than everyone else. That is so not true. We are all sinners and even one sin makes us all equals.

So, the question seems to be, how can we accept others and get along with them without being tempted to become someone we don't want to be. They say to choose your friends wisely, right?

How can we reach people with Jesus's love if we avoid them because they are sinning?

Doesn't everyone deserve Jesus's love?

It's not our job to judge, right?

It is our job to love people right where they are at, right?

***7/27/15  As I repost this, I think it is God's timing that I see this post as of the recent court approval of gay marriages.  Interesting how I blogged about this very topic again.  It must be on my heart for a long time.

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