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Self, it's Done!

3/15/2011 A recent conversation made me recall this and I just knew I should share it on my blog because I know how much it has helped me through the years and maybe it will help you too.

A wise person (Glenda Ketchem at Digitals) once told me when I first started digital scrapbooking that sometimes you just have to say "self, it's done."

I immediately put that on a sticky note on my moniter and it changed my habits forever.

I learned to just let it go as a "memory perserved" and go onto the next layout.

I am one who just "has to" make a layout the best that I can. I just cannot stop playing with it.

Always, just when I upload it to a gallery or share it on a Yahoo Group or Facebook, I see something I should have changed that I missed! It happens every time!

I try to avoid that, but no matter how long I look at it before sharing, there is always something that I see to fix right after I share. Why is that?

However, this "self, it's done" principle works for more than just digital scrapbooking.

In fact, just today I put up a new list of St. Patrick's Day scrapbooking titles. I kept sitting there trying to be creative to think of more to add when finally I had to tell myself that it was good enough, that people would appreciate it enough as it is, and that I did not have to make it over-the-top great. "Self, it's done! Just post it!"

Should I include one more thing for dinner just to make a healthier meal? No! Self, it's done!

Should I do one more exercise at the gym because every movement counts? No! Self, it's done!

Should I move the chair when vaccuming everytime? No! Self, it's done!

Should I tag every element of every digital scrapbooking kit? No! Self, it's done!

Should I pull every single weed from the garden? No! Self, it's done!

*posted 12/3/2008

I am sure many of us digital scrapbookers can identify with working SO hard and long to get a layout just right. Sometimes we feel as if we will never finish a layout.

When I first started digital scrapbooking, a wise and beautiful lady (Glenda) once said to me, sometimes, you just have to say "Self, It's done."

I immediately put a sticky note on my computer as a reminder. I really used that reminder a lot over the next year until I learned the habit of saying these words to myself in my head.

I made this graphic for you today so that you may snag it as your "sticky note."

I was reminded today of this wonderful moment in my scrapping life by some words posted in the forums.

Michelle said:
"A snapshot is a moment in time. You captured a moment. What you do with it, creates a memory. You have done an awesome job of savoring...this memory. Don't beat yourself up for something that might or might not be in National Geographic. Instead reflect and enjoy this happy family time. Every picture you one that is not lost. Enjoy!"

I could not have said it any better.

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