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Christmas Nostalgia

(I wrote this December 21, 2007.)

I was reflecting this morning on Charles Dicken's tale, also now movies that are played during the holidays. There are so many lessons in this tale to reflect upon during the holiday season, too many to enumerate.

In his greed, he was a scrooge and turned everyone else around him grumpy. What a great reminder that our actions and our mood can effect those around us. Is your home stressed and grumpy right now? Change it by changing yourself first.

Next the tale continues as a story of redemption, actively seeking forgiveness from those he has sinned against. Although this should be a daily thing for Christians (as repentance and turning our ways), what better focus to have between now and the end of the year? Who have you harmed this year that you can reach out to before the end of the year?

The tale ends as a story of goodwill. Even the poor can do things to spread goodwill. What have you done this year to spread goodwill? Of course, the whole concept of Christmas is spreading goodwill, complete from Christmas cards to Christmas gifts to giving toys to toy collections for the needy. However, what else can we do that is special and different on our own. I want to make it a point to do something for at least one person, unexpectantly, before Christmas morning.

Where is your focus this Christmas?


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