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The Flexible Maze

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
This is one of my favorite verses. I tend to bring it back to mind during situations often. It is so applicable to life.

Life seems to rarely go according to my plans and goals. Paul does not indicate that all things are good in and of themselves, but that all things work together for a good ending.

God wants me to have plans and goals, but he also wants me to be ready to be flexible if He takes my plans and works them for good down a different path.

And oh goodness to I have my plans! I wake up every morning and think about what I need to get done during the day and if I do not get those things done by the end of the day, I sometimes get depressed.

God cannot work through me if I do not have plans and goals from which to take action, but He often re-routes me!

It is hard not to know the end of the path and the purpose, but learning to trust God that His plan is perfect and it will end in good is amazing!

It is like being in a maze and believing one turn is the correct path to take, but the one that can see the whole maze knows better and you have to keep your ear to listen to take action accordingly. Of course that is just an analogy; we are not like mice in a maze being led around as that is undignified. God gives us free choice, but He also is our loving Father who is guiding us.

As a recent example, we have been going through many struggles recently, some of which is work related. Hubby's health is deteriorating in that it has caused a detour in his job. He can no longer do the work he previously was doing, so he has had to take an employment of a much lesser income with no insurance.

Initially, our plan was for him to find a different job that was easier on his body, but just any job with insurance. We were determined to go down that path to find that job with insurance. We just knew that was best for us.

Then I began praying for wisdom and felt I had a revelation. In James God gives us a promise regarding praying for wisdom. We have a choice to put hubby on my insurance, but the cost would be a similar high cost to a private plan. It was then that I realized that trying to get hubby into a private plan now before his health deteriorated so much that we could not even get him a private policy would prevent future stress. What if he was in a job with insurance and then lost that job, say, ten years from now? His health would be worse and it would be even harder to get a private plan. What if we put him on my health plan and then I got hit by a bus? Would his health at that time be deteriorated so much he could not get a private health plan?

So, although we were determined to get him a job with health insurance, I realized it was best to get his own health insurance which alleviates the stress of his future health problems causing any work related changes. As long as we can pay the premiums, his job situation can fluctuate. As long as he is bring in some type of income, we will make it. We will be okay.

So, now we are trying to listen to God and trying to get him into a private health plan, only to have him denied coverage twice! So for now, we will remain on COBRA and keep trying to go down this path until we feel God's nudge to take another path.

As another example, our "boot camp son," as I have been referring to him, who is going through a difficult time right now.

We as families were informed, "The company as a whole forgot the importance of self discipline which means that the cadre had to help put discipline back into their lives."

Of course, I'm sitting here at home, with all the other loved ones in their homes, wondering what in the world the whole company did to get in trouble. At first, I wondered if it were just a few that got the privileges taken away for all the rest and hoped it was not my own son who would have done something.

They even lost their Sunday pass and daily evening personal time, on top of their cell phones. It all seems very serious to me.

Then I missed the call from my son and he left me a voice mail. It was in such a faint voice as if he were afraid to talk normally and was whispering that the message cut in and out and was very cryptic. It had me worried. He shall be a talking to by mom that next time that happens, to speak boldly and stand up for who he is and talk with confidence no matter the situation he is telling me. No more of this quiet talk to mom! She loves him and wants to know whatever it is and will still love him regardless! If he were talking quiet because of someone on his end who was listening, he should still be bold and confident.

However, as the above indicates, it was the whole group that caused the problems, so I am hopeful it is not anything to worry about as a mom. I sure did miss my weekly call on Sunday though and it sure does tug at me with a bit of worry, but I am confident he is okay.

So, this situation is just like the topic of this post in that this group of soldiers had a plan and was moving along and progressing, receiving more privileges and rights, only to be redirected by those that could see the bigger picture. The re-direction of the soldiers rippled to affect families far and wide.

I believe God does the same thing in that the circumstances of some are changed to affect others for good. I would call that "God using me."



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