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Embrace your story

Hello me,

I get it. Life is messy. You do nothing and things go wrong.  They just happen.  Always something new to deal with. To figure out.  To resolve.  Relationships are strained. People are frustrating. The world is broken. Evil is present. It is a lie when we believe that we cannot be emotionally honest.  We do not have to run from pain and live behind a false screen of happiness. Do not let people tell you there is something wrong with you because you have emotions.  Do not let people tell you to handle it in their way.  It is okay to have emotions.  I give you permission and so does God because He created those emotions. We can embrace every moment, whether in tears and heartache or laughter and humor.  Embrace your story as it unrolls. Accept it.  Adopt it. Grasp it.  Embrace your day.  You only get one of today.






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