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Lack of Respect

My underlining name to this blog is "life analyzed "as a blogspot name. I named it that because I analyze everything. Maybe I should rename the entire site that name.

A thought came to me today and I realize I should get back to the roots of my blogging to share my analyzing. It is what people like to read and actually respond to in the comments.

I am considering my current hurts and doing a little analyzing. The thought occurred to me that I do not feel respected by my peers. You can do an internet search and know that this is a common feeling of many people.

There are many analysis already commonly known. For instance, there are the sayings that go such as "you have to give respect to get respect." Or "you have to command respect." Those are on the opposite spectrum. One is giving and one is getting. So there is really no right answer to respect.

You can find lists on the internet of ways to get respect. Everyone wants to know specifically what to do to have respect. I suppose having respect could be directly associated with feeling accepted. Every human has a general nature of wanting to be accepted. I have a common prayer to God to wish that every human on this earth could feel accepted. Wouldn't that make a wonderful world.

So to continue my thought process, I consider the word "peers." Who do I consider my peers to be? Maybe the answer that everyone is looking for is not a matter of resolving how to be respected, but an attitude of who you want to feel respected by.

In my case, I have a desire to be respected by other digital scrapbooking site owners and digital scrapbooking designers. I said this morning to my husband that I feel as if I have zero respect. His reply was "you have said that before."

If I humble myself and change my attitude as to who my peers are, I begin to sense more respect. If I forget about other digital scrapbooking sites and digital scrapbooking designers and consider my online friends or those who have done my tutorials and challenges, my zero respect feeling goes up.

So my thoughts travel to if there is a problem, who or what is the problem?

At first it is natural to think who.

Is it myself? It is very likely is myself. I know my own insecurities can cause me to do things that cause people to be wary of me.

Is it the other person? It very likely could be the other person. It could be the person is not looking at me with the right attitude. It could be the person that has listened to gossip that is untrue and taking it as their own truths.

People are sinful. There is really no sense in trying to figure out "who" would be the cause because it is most likely both sides. There is a saying that goes "it takes two people to tango."

So that leaves considering "what" would be the problem. This is very likely also the answer. Of course, money is the root of all evil. I believe this to be one of the true causes of the disrespect I am feeling. A long time ago because of things "bad apples" did, it became a standard to not allow outside links in the digital scrapbooking world. The root of this standard is based on competition for money and business. If the standard had not been put in place by the very first person to have put it in place, and others having followed, then I would not have been rejected the very first time. There is a saying about holes that get dug deeper. Once I feel rejected, then my insecurities cause me to react inadequately, digging the hole deeper. Then the sins of people cause gossip. Before long a person's reputation is ruined and the root cause was money.

Yes there are probably many more causes that I am not pointing out here, both in the "who" and the "what." The bottom line answer to why there is a problem that we do not have respect is much larger and bigger than anyone could ever really analyze. People are people. People have feelings. People sin. People have good intentions that go awry. People have hurts. Hurt people hurt people. And on and on.


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