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George Henry Windeknecht, Jr. and Caroline Brockman


George Henry Windeknecht was born in Hanover Germany in 1817.

Caroline Brockmann was born in Germany in 1818.


The family lived where the Intrepretive Center is located of what is now Trail of Tears State Park located on the Mississippi River where the Cherokee crossed the Mississippi River from Ware, Illinois into Missouri during their forced removal during the winter of 1838 and 1839. On a gedcom I acquired around 2000, there is a note of a resource "she told me" that Phillip came to America in 1837. If this is true, Phillip would have been 14 years old and his brother Henry would have been 20 years old. With Phillip's young age, it would have been likely that the brothers would have been living together for a period of time. Therefore, the story regarding the family adopting two children found crying left that would have been part of both Henry and Phillip's history.

On the 2nd day of March, 1838, Henry signed his Declaration of Naturalization. Per the 1790 naturalization laws, the two-step process took 5 years. After being in Ameria 2 years, a Declaration of Intent could be filed. After an additional 3 years, a Petition for Naturalization could be filed. Therefore, Henry would have had to been in America before March 2, 1836. Henry would have been 19 years old and his brother Phillips 13 years old when they came to America. Henry became a citizen on __________________________.


In the 1840 Missouri census, Cape Girardeau County, Randol Township, (page 2) Henry is listed with the following household numbers: Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19 (1); Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29 (1); Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49 (1), Persons Employed in Manufacture and Trade (2); Free White Persons - Under 20 (1); Free White Persons - 20 thru 49 (2); Total Free White Persons (3); Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves (3). Therefore, there were three people in the household. Henry would have been 23 years old and Phillip would have been 17 years old, being the two male individuals. Who was the female between the ages of 40 and 49? Could it have been their mother? Where are the two Cherokee?


Henry marries Eliza Haupt on April 28, 1844. (marriage record)


In 1845, Henry and Eliza had a daughter, Henrietta Windeknecht.


In 1846 Henry and Eliza had a son, August Windeknecht.


No record for the death of Eliza has been found.


Henry and Caroline were married on February 28, 1850.


In the September 9, 1850 Census, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, District 14, page 384 (his brother Phillip is on page 382), Henry is 32 years old, with real estate valued at 400, and born in Germany. Caroline is 32, born in Germany. Their daughter Henrietta is age 5. Also in the home are Frederick Brockman (10, born Germany), and August Brockman (4, born Missouri, possible Brockson.) I believe this is their son, August Windechnect, but the "ditto" was meant to skip a line. Next door are Henry (52) and Hanah Brockman (42) with their children. (This would be a suggestion that this is Caroline's family, possibly her parents and siblings, or uncle and aunt with cousins).


In 1853, Henry and Caroline had a daughter, Malinda Windeknecht.


In 1855, Henry and Caroline had a daughter, Caroline (Carry) Windeknecht.


In 1857, Henry and Caroline had a son, Henry Windeknecht, III.


In 1859, Henry and Caroline had a son, Lebattus/Sebattus Windeknecht.


In the 1860 Census, Cape Girardeau County, Randol Township, page 321 & 322 (his brother Phillip is on page 333), Henry is 43 years old, a farmer, with real estate valued at 1,000 and personal property valued at 400, from Hanover. His wife Caroline is 40 years old. Their children are Henrietta (15), August (14), Caroline (9), Malinda (7), Henry (5), and Lebattus/Sibertus (4, most likely 4 months).


Caroline dies between the 1860 and 1868 census, leaving Henry a widow.


Henry is Enrolled Missouri Militia, 56th Regiment Cape County | Phillip was a private and his brother Henry was a Sergeant) Since Phillip is 40, the registration occurred in 1863.


In the 1868 Missouri census, Cape Girardeau County, Township 32, (page 2) Henry is listed with Caroline, Malinda, Henry Jr., and Le. Henry owns 1 horse, 5 cattle, and 5 hogs, 600 buschels corn, 15 buschels oats, and 10 (might be 40) gallons molasses.


In the August 26, 1870 Census, Cape Girardeau County, Randol Township, Henry is 52 years old, a farmer, with real estate valued at 1000, and personal property valued at 200, from Hanover, Germany. His brother Phillip is living next door. Henry's children in the home are Caroline (19), Malinda (17), Henry (15), and Sebattus (14). Sons Henry and Sebattus are helping as farm hands. Malinda, Henry, and Lebattus have attended school.


In the June 3, 1880 Census, Cape Girardeau County, Randol Township, 026 numeration district, Henry is 62 years old and a widower. He is a farmer from Hanover. In the home are his children Carry (25), Henry (23), and Lebattus (21).


Henry's death is unknown.