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THIS IS MY WORKING GENEALOGY BIOGRAPHIES, PLEASE DO NOT COPY AS FACT. Some photos are personal and should not be copied and republished; other images are okay. Documentation I collected as proof to support facts (i.e. dates, relationships, etc.) are available for your use. I share freely, but please do not abuse copyright or perpetuate any information without supporting facts that may or may not be in error. I try to mark in red my questions or documents I need to look for, so your assistance in making this a complete collection is always appreciated.


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The 1910 Census in Cape Girardeau has 3 Windeknechts, Frank, Fernidand, and Henry. All three family are listed in a row on the same page, so they must have lived next door to each other. I need to transcribe the census.



John Windeknecht Saturday, 7/7/07, 5:27 PM 

Hello, Found your website interesting. I come from a different Windeknecht line. John Windkenecht 
From: Originally Pittsburgh, PA 
Email: jwindy1@yahoo.com 

Mark Timothy O'Guin Saturday, 3/3/07, 4:12 PM 
Hello, although I have no positive connections to the O'Guins listed in your geneology, the oral history I know fits the history of both of our families. I was told the O'Guins' came up out of Georgia and floated down the Tennessee River on flat boats and settled along the Tennessee River around the areas of Camden and Waverly, Tennessee. I know little about my Father's family, Vernon Edward O'Guin. His Father's name was Thomas Ura O'Guin and his Mother's maiden name was Hester Shaver. We were told that she took a boat to the US from Liverpool, England in the 1880's. A coin, called a Penny Chapter, minted in Memphis, TN in 1848 with the Masonic Lodge emblem bore the name Thomas Ura O'Guin as well. This coin was passed down to me and later stolen. We know that my Grandfather had several brothers and sisters, however, I know little about them. The brothers were very large men when that was uncommon. They became well known Memphis, TN policemen in the early part of the 20th century. My Grandfather died in 1924, and my Grandmother would speak little about the O'Guin family. We had numerous relatives in the Camden / Waverly area, and I have been told that some of the family had moved to Missouri. I was also told that the O'Guins' raised horses and their one-time neighbors', the James', who moved to Missouri (Jesse James et. al.), would return to Tennessee to buy fresh horses and hide out when the heat was on in Missouri! Please feel free to contact me if you like. I am very interested in any type of history! Regards, Mark Timothy O'Guin (Tim) 
From: Memphis, TN 
Email: birdsonghill@prodigy.net 

Mark Timothy O'Guin Saturday, 3/3/07, 2:41 PM 
I am writing for my husband who is at work right now. I was surfing this afternoon on Tennessee history when I happened upon your web site. I've bookmarked it for Tim so he can review it the next time he is surfing. Tim's Dad, Vernon Edward O'Guin, will celebrate his 90th birthday this month! Regards, Susan O'Guin 
From: Memphis, TN 
Email: birdsonghill@prodigy.net 
Your Ancestor: Vernon Edward O'Guin 

donna starzinger-parnell Sunday, 2/25/07, 2:07 PM 
Am looking for more photos of Phillip Sr. and family to add to my website. 
From: jackson, mo 
Email: starzingerparnell@sc.rr.com 
Your Ancestor: Phillip Windeknecht Sr. 

Paul K. Windeknecht Monday, 1/29/07, 10:16 AM 
I am interested in finding more about the O'Guin side of the family. I now live in Mountain Home, AR 
From: Cape Girardeau, MO 
Email: nitewind@centurytel.net 
Your Ancestor: Phillip Windeknecht 

Delores Lee Friday, 12/22/06, 1:36 PM 
Roszenna is my grandma. 
From: Commerce,Mo. 
Email: sis@showme.net 
Your Ancestor: Knight and O'guinn 

John Windeknecht Wednesday, 10/19/05, 10:08 AM 
Hello, I am a Windeknecht, but of an entirely different line. I have found no connection to your family. But I am interested nevertheless because of the unique last name. John Windeknecht 
From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Email: jwindy1@yahoo.com 

Donna Starzinger-Parnell Saturday, 5/14/05, 7:16 PM 
Nice to see a website about my anscestors. I too research family history. I have been wanting to talk to someone on the Windeknecht side of the family for quite some time. I'll be on touch. Much info to share. 
From: Jackson, MO 
Email: starzingerparnell@sc.rr.com 
Your Ancestor: Philip WindeknechtSr. 

John Windeknecht Tuesday, 8/31/04, 10:38 AM 
Hello, Nice website to learn about one of the several groups of Windeknecht's in the United States. John Windeknecht 
From: Originally Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Email: jwindy1@yahoo.com 

Susan K. Chapman Tuesday, 4/13/04, 11:44 AM 
Barbara mentioned your website, I am her sister, I have heard stories of Trail of Tears State Park from my dad, Robert G. Scrutchfield, I enjoyed reading the history of the Park. Thanks, Susan 
From: Owasso, OK 
Email: cpandsue@swbell.net 
Your Ancestor: O'Guin 

Barbara Crawley Wednesday, 4/7/04, 9:19 PM 
Wish you all the luck in the world with your site. 
From: Oklahoma 
Email: bbcrawley@msn.com 
Your Ancestor: O'Guin - Solomon, Benjamin, John W. and Irene