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6.27.15 Lord, I wake up this morning, as always, and wonder what is on tap for the day.  Will it go the way I had planned or will there be unexpected surprises?  I think about how a mother tells her children who may have all different taste palettes to "eat it or starve" what is put in front of them, not wanting to cater to each individual person.  But I know you cater to me and have my day set and ready for me,  Whatever comes along, good or bad, help me to soak it all in, eat it up, eat it up because it's good for me, eat up and be happy, consume completely, and feed on your goodness and mercy and grace.  Nope, as the sun rises on this day, this day ready before me, I can be assured that whatever lies ahead is going to delicious walking beside You.  I won't be starving or yearning for anything today, Lord, with You guiding my ways.  Amen.