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I Wish For You Simple Beauty

7.5.17 Lord, I sometimes say that I wish I would have written down everything that has happened in my daily surprises because my life sure has been interesting. I often wonder if only my life is this crazy, engaging, and captivating. It sure has not been boring. What a novel it would have made! Or even a super-length movie! Now I cannot remember much of it, but I know that You know my story from beginning to end and will never forget it. All those complications are in the past and only You remember them. Thank You for remembering me and for the simple beauties in each and every day for me to find delight and joy, instead of hovering around the past.


This is a quote of myself from as my internet pseudonym of Hummie, "When things are complicated, I wish you simple beauty."

"All of my problems are rather complicated - I need an entire novel to deal with them, not a short story or a movie." Manuel Puig

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