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Happy Labor Day! An Arrow Prayer

8.30.13  Lord, On this Friday as we enter a holiday weekend, I am thinking about how Labor Day seems more like a "weekend" than just a "day" and how wonderful it is that our country gives us a holiday to rest from our labors, just like You give us one day each week on the sabbath to rest from our labors!  It reminds me of how often I do not take this rest and instead get other "to-do's" done, which is actually still work.  Why do I do this to myself?  Help me to control my over-working nature and give myself some physical rest.  At the same time, keep in my mind daily the eternal rest which gives me hope and can only be found in You!  May the knowledge of this eternal rest keep my mind at rest, no matter what I am doing.  You're awesome, Lord!

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