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Preserve the World

He told the people during the Sermon on the Mount (and ultimately us), "You are the salt of the earth?" Your first thought regarding salt may be that it is used to flavor food. But another use for salt, especially in Jesus' time and culture, is as a food preservative.

What a wonderful New Year's resolution. Jesus calls for us this year (and every year) to add flavoring to the world. Where there is anger, add peace. If you run into hatred, pour love on the situation. If you encounter hurts, heal the wound with compassion. Season hopelessness with hope through Jesus Christ. Add a faithful flavor to the faithlessness of the world.

Jesus also calls us to be a preservative in the world. We can't do this on our own, but only with the help of the Holy Spirit working through us. In this age when commitments are short-term and faithfulness is a filthy word, we can be examples and encouragers of these attributes in others. God wants to share His life and Word through us, the salt of the world.

What a gift He has given by salting us throughout all seasons of life! If you feel that your life or faith has lost its saltiness, there is hope. Salt, the seasoning, cannot be recreated to be salty again if it loses its taste. But with the Spirit's power and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, you can be recreated to be the salt of the earth that will last beyond this world and into heaven.

We are the salt of the earth! I think I'll reflect on that as I get some water to drink after eating all these salted peanuts!

May God bring out His saltiness in you, as He lives in you through this year and into eternity!


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