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Easy Peasy TV Stand

I remember last blogging about getting a new tv because our son who was buying a home was also buying our tv and we had to get a new one. It took us three days to set it up!

The third evening was spent brainstorming, shopping, and making this TV stand and I must say my Dad would probably be proud of me for figuring this out on my own. I remember how proud he was when I built the shelves in the wardrobe and the desks in the closet in the boys' room ages ago. I miss my Dad.

The problem was that we bought, instead of surround sound, a sound bar that sets in front of the TV. The bar was too high and covered the bottom of the TV and the remote could not reach the sensors. So the TV had to be raised just above the sound bar.

This is what I came up with! I walked around Lowes for what seemed forever looking for a ready made board the same measurements as I had measured before leaving home. I finally spotted this one! Whew! It was perfect and I did not have to cut it or finish it.

However, now that I found the board, I had to find a way to raise it up four inches, the height of the sound bar. After some more walking around Lowes and a little assistance, I found these chair legs that worked perfectly! With the metal pieces available to easily screw into the corners of the board and the chair legs twisting into the metal pieces, it was quick to put together. I was worried about how sturdy it would be, but after putting it together, I am no longer worried.

I think I can even hide some things, like videos, under that TV stand. Cool, huh? The sound bar covers it up anyway.

Now, I snapped this photo this morning and now that I see it on my screen, I am wondering what the disc is! Ah! It must blend into the table top. I wonder how long it has been there and what it is. Off to look!

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