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Outdoor Progressive Tea Party

On June 5, 2022, I put together a fun tea party with simple foods for my neighbors, just a mother and daughter and me, and we had a fabulous time. We spent the whole day in the garden going from one setting to another. Come along for a party with us!

We had a progressive tea party in the yard and I took photos. Here is station #1. There were different books at each station and we found something to share at each. I had a small deck of conversation starter cards and we did one at each station. There was a different food and a different a different presentation of tea at each as well. Here the food was grapes and skewers of honeydew, pear, orange, lettuce, and a cranberry. We made matcha and added lemon and honey to it. There is a video recipe of that somewhere on my Youtube channel. The flowers were from my brother's funeral 6 years ago and I rearrange them from time to time.

Sharing station #2 of our progressive tea party. This is the table on our patio with a side cart for the books. For the food we had cheese and fig orange jam on crackers with some carrot sticks. For the tea we had a ripe pu erh tea using a gaiwan and I believe they said it was their favorite of the evening.

This is station #3 out in the garden with my raggedy old table cloth next to the water fountain. It was a sunny afternoon so the umbrella was just right. We ended up taking the umbrella with us to other stations. We also brought out the fan. For food we had turkey and cheese sandwiches with garlic aioli and cucumber slices. I cut some heart shapes in some of the little bites. For the tea we used my little glass pot for brewing some fujian rain tea.

This is station #4 of our progressive tea party. Be sure to see all 6 of the posts. This station was a blanket in the grass with my parent's picnic basket from when I was young, using the plates and cups they used as well. Oh the fluffy pillows were fun! For the food we had wheat shortbread with lemon thyme grown in the garden. For the tea we had cold brew with cucumbers. The tea went fast!

Here is progressive tea party station #5. This station is at the back of the garden where the glider rocker sits. I brought out the chair that was in my childhood living room that now sits in my bedroom, as well as the side table and pouf from my bedroom. For food we had cinnamon chocolate scones with butter. for tea we had a sample blend in my teal teapot. On the pole nearby the baby birds were chirping. The books for this station were all about birds and we used the Merlin app to discover what birds were about us in the yard.

This is the last station at what we have dubbed "the back forty." I brought out a chair I reupholstered last year that belonged to my great-grandparents. For food we had ice cream with hojicha powder sauce. For the tea we had a iced peach oolong. It took us about 6 hours to go through all 6 stations and we really had a great and relaxing afternoon!

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