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White Cabinets with No Doors


March 6, 2018. We have tried many colors on our kitchen cabinets, but I keep coming back to white. The outside of our kitchen cabinets have been white for a few years now. Our project this winter was to paint the inside of the cabinets white. Oh my! What a difference to us that it makes! I never realized how uninviting it was to open the doors to find the old dingy wood and the layers of paper liners that used to be clean. I keep thinking about how some people take everything out of their cabinets on a regular basis and wipe down the shelves. I used to do that at least once a year when I was young and full of energy, but somehow that practice was forgotten, or more likely, abandoned for the sake of procrastination.

I have had the idea for a while to remove the doors around the counter. I love the open concept of the floating shelves I see in interior decorating photos. Seeing those photos just shouts out a clean and organized and uncluttered home. We took off two doors, but when we tried to remove the third on the right, the screws were stripped and we did not have a saw that would cut the hinges. I wanted to leave the option to put the doors back on, so instead we just opened the door to lean it against the wall and it created the perfect spot to hang things! I loved it! Ah! Right now there is a serving tray hanging there that we use to carry things to the patio, but I am going to hang that on the wall and get some more f aux plants to hang from the door. When things green up outside, I may tuck away the f aux greens for some herbs or bush cuttings.

In the process of painting, everything had to be taken out of the cabinets and the kitchen was a mess. It reminded me of my life how I have to sometimes let God unpack everything and clean me out to only put back that which is needed. I put a lot of items in the garage sale pile. We cleaned out these cabinets about 4 years ago when we first became empty nesters and I am amazed how much more I was able to give up this round.

The doors never did stay open well. I would open the door and as I grabbed an item, the door would close on my arm. I never realized how annoying that was as I tolerated it. I love being able to reach up and grab something from the shelf. I love looking up on the top right shelf and seeing my Grandma Geile's glass double boiler. I do not think they sell these anymore or they are hard to find. I think they went out with the ability to melt softly in the microwave. I love seeing my old metal sifter from 30+ years ago that still works well, but looks like an antique now.

My idea is to add decorative touches to the shelves. I started with this little stone pot and I filled it with water and put two cuttings from different plants in the water. I look at it all the time. My plan is to change out some small decorative item somewhere on the shelves with the seasons.


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