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Angel Gowns

What are "angel gowns?" Simply put, angel gowns are funeral outfits for babies. Think of a "gown" like a baptismal gown, only these gowns are funeral gowns. I am boxing these gowns up in honor of my granddaughter, Abigail, and her six day journey. I am packaging these boxes with love for the hands that one day will hold their baby dressed in one of these beautiful gowns. My hope is that one or both of the local hospitals here in Cape Girardeau will take them.

Oh my! I was so excited and touched to have opened the box of angel gowns! Each has a little bonnet, and an angel pin and heart as a keepsake for the parents. I sent my Aunt Mary's wedding dress off to our scrapbooking friend June and she sewed these gowns so that I can package them up as gifts in honor of my granddaughter Abigail who lived six days. I have had this dream for a few years now, but was unable to find anyone to sew. June has made my dream come true! June lives in Michigan and she sews these angel gowns in honor of her grandson, Alton.


Thank you June! You bless so many through the work of your hands!

Here is a video of the gowns ready to go to the hospital.


Each gown has an angel pin for the mother to wear of the same material as the dress.

Each gown has an angel heart for the parents to treasure as a keepsake of the same material as the gown. The hearts may be put on the Christmas tree or displayed year round. This one June made especially for me so I had a keepsake of Aunt Mary's gown. I told her I loved the little buttons on the dress and am so delighted to have three on my memento.

Angel gown 1


Angel gown 2

Angel gown 3

Angel gown 4

Angel gown 5

Angel gown 6

Angel gown 7

Angel gown 8

Angel gown 9

Angel gown 10

Angel gown 11

The Dress

Here are some photos I took of the dress in March 2017, before I sent it to June. She returned it to me in July and it was worth the wait!

Letter to the Parents

I have shed a few tears this week in writing a letter to the parent(s) who will receive the box. It is hard going back to 2014 when we lost our Abigail. I wanted to share the letter with you so that it might help you in any loss or anguish you may be suffering at this time. Click share to share it with someone in need.
I've been hesitant this week in writing, praying that God give me the words that are needed to be heard by whoever's hands will hold this letter in the future. God knows who they are. (Feb 28, 2014)

The Packaging

I packaged the gowns in boxes with love, adding special touches.

I bought frames and painted them white. I created and printed two mats for each frame so that the parent(s) could choose a vertical or horizontal photo of their baby in the angel gown to tape on to the mat before putting in the frame. On that mat it says, "God has you in His arms, I have you in my heart."

I made little cards to go with the angel hearts and put them in small white bags. I was happy to find bags just the right size.

I made little cards and put the mother's angel pins in a sachet with the card. 

I printed on envelopes so that should the baby have hair, the parent(s) can keep a lock.

I bought some 3 inch bears and made a little card to go with the bear.

The bears were different colors. I liked the white ones.

I wrote a letter to the parent(s), including a prayer. It took a while to print, cut, and assemble the 9 pages, as well as the bears.

Each box bottom and lid was carefully taped for sturdiness and then a ribbon and tag were added around the lid of the box. I wanted to make the boxes special, but also enable the nurses to lift the lids so that they could find the right size and color gown for each baby.

I put tissue paper in the bottom of each box and carefully arranged each box with love.

Here are all 11 boxes ready to go to the hospital. We took them to St. Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on March 3, 2018. The nurses were so kind and I felt comfort and assurance that they would take care of the boxes, keeping them together, and delivering them with love to those in need. It was hard to leave the boxes as if I were leaving Abigail once again. It was a blessing to be able to give forward to others in their time of loss.

Only God knows who will receive one of these boxes and I am praying for these people.


P.S. I was going to add in the coloring page of Abigail that Tara drew for any siblings, but I forgot. I will add that idea for the next set of boxes after I donate my wedding gown.


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