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My Barbie Airplane (Barbie's Friend Ship)


I have many of my dolls from my childhood, but I had three boys!  I'm awaiting a granddaughter.  I recently pulled up my dolls and am trying to take photos and videos of each. It was so crazy to be sitting and "playing" with the dolls to dress them and stage them, just like when I was little.  Oh, the flashback!

Here is the first.  My camcorder has been giving me troubles recently and the color is off, but you get the idea.  The photos are, of course, more true to color.

I called Barbie's friend Trixie, but cannot find that on the internet.  I searched on the internet, including e-bay, for a doll like the one I have, but could not pinpoint one, although some were close.  I'm not sure why that name sticks in my head and whether it is correct or not.


This man shares about the construction and you can see how it opens up in this video.