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How to Get Photos Unstuck from 1970's Album


Hubby and I have been working hard to scan in old photos from both sides of the family. We have some family get-togethers coming up soon and we are having to priortize this huge project to the top of our to-do list. We will be SO glad to get these done though! These photos need to be returned to other family members. As we are doing it, we are realizing that when we are done with these projects, how many things in our own basement that need to be scanned. We have photos, of course, but also a box of cards and letters I saved. These could be scanned in for the boys as they won't have any desire to keep the originals, and then discarded. There are many many things in the basement and we want to continue this process. Digital is good enough and can be backed up online somewhere and easily distributed to many electronically either via discs or online, so they are in many locations. We are running into these old 1970 albums that I remember were "awesome new technology" that "would not harm the photos." The photos are stuck to the pages and we cannot get them off very easily. An idea hit us to use the hair dryer to make the sticky soft again and so we tested it and wanted to show it to you in the below video.

How to Get Photos Unstuck from 1970's Album



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