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Utensil Caddy Repurpose


When we became empty nesters and started the decluttering stage of life, I emptied the drawer of that flat tray for utensils and put them in a wine bottle holder on the counter. I loved how they were easily accessable and how they took up so much less space.

However, we soon ran into trouble in that we could never find the shorter spoons. We tried rigging it up with cardboard dividers and napkins in the bottom to elevate, but for a few years, we bore through the annoying.

I decided to think outside the box while at an antique store and look for something unique to be a utensil caddy. Nothing seemed right until I spied this ceramic baking dish with a metal holder. Yes, I am sure a casserole would be great in this dish, but it looks even better on my counter!

I spray painted the holder white because, well, I just like white, and the black was not pleasing. I also pray painted a food tin white. I grabbed a few cups from the cabinet and temporarily repurposed them. I needed ones without handles and eventually bought some inexpensive handleless glasses for the taller silverware.

It also gathered up into one tidy place other things that set on our counter, including the salt and pepper shakers, the sugar shaker, and the butter container.

I can finally find my silverware in an easy to grab uncluttered cute place! Plus, I can pick it up and carry it to the patio for company during patio parties.

July 2017