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Why do you have a suitcase on top of your fridge?


Why do you have a suitcase on top of your fridge? I have been asked this question so many times that I now try to avoid it by explaining before they ask. It never ceases to amaze me how many people look up when they enter my kitchen.

When we first became empty nesters and began the second stage of that life (the first being lonlieness, the second being the cut-the-clutter, and the third being gypsy nesters), I began to think outside the box on different ways to utilize what I already owned. With all the extra room in the house, many things I had inherited came up from the basement.

This is my Dad's suitcase that was his high school graduation gift from his parents.

I change my kitchen and bathroom curtains monthly with panels that I sew to match the seasons. This suitcase became a perfect place to hold my curtains conveniently. I rather like how it looks on top of the fridge.

There was a larger one, but I had gifted it to my oldest son who allowed it to be watered damaged. This one too has a little water damage.

These are my favorite panels with a summer pattern of butterflies. The sun always greets me in the morning.

There are two windows in the kitchen with matching panels. Sometimes I also use coordinating table cloths which I sew.

The sewing of both is easy in that I merely double turn the edges after I cut the fabric and run a straight stitch down to hem. I am not a good machine sewer, but I can sew straight lines. I have an inexpensive portable sewing machine that I set on the kitchen table to sew.