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My Dad gave me his childhood marbles when I was a young girl, telling me about how he used to play the game in the streets. So these marbles are hard earned game winnings! Can you spy the three shooters? I even have the Poll- Parrot shoebox he gave them to me in, which is not holding up as well. I tried to teach my boys to play marbles when they were young to pass down the heritage, but I don't know if they remember.
Prompt 31. something colourful

I was tickled that this photo generated so many comments. It seems more people have their parents set of marbles than I realized!

I need to get a jar. I thought about using something I already have like a vase, but I'm not sure about no lid. We'll see how it goes. I want to find game instructions and include it too. Also, I will probably make an image to indicate whose marbles these were and add it to the jar too.

Here is another photo of the marbles that shows all of them more clearly.

Here is the box that the marbles were kept in. I wonder whether these were my white, size 7C shoes or my sisters.  Poll-Parrot is a brand of shoes started by Paul Parrot in competition with Buster Brown. In 1947 the shoe company sponsored the The Howdy Doody Show. It is a little box.  I have a small hand and it is about the same size as my hand.

Based on some search online about the popularity of these shoes in the 40's and into the 60's, I believe this box was to my Aunt Mary's shoes who was born in 1949 when my Dad was 10 years old.  It would make sense that he would put his collection a shoebox handy to him while he was playing.

I found this fun commercial for Poll-Parrot.