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Decorating with Photos

1/14/2013 (...and as I look at this in 2017, the bathroom photos are still there, with different photos of course, and the rest have been removed for the clean look.)

Time sure does fly! I looked up the first time I changed my living room to have the canvas squares over my couch and it was in November 2009!

My intent was to change them often, but I never have time to do so. I did try printing new photos in 12 x 12 and putting them on the square also, which was nice, but I just do not have time to go to the store to have them printed, although it does not really take that long.

I've had this idea in my head for a while now to change it up so I can change the photos easier and finally made it happen last week. I spent a whole evening doing the project and then more time looking for photos and printing them. I still have more place to fill, but I can do it a little at a time.

I am focusing on getting a photo of everyone in my family first, then I will look for old photos I love and then landscape photos I've taken that I love. Thereafter, I want to make some "sayings" or "quotes" and add to them.

First, I took off the dark brown backgrounds and changed it to green.

Next, I hammered in four nails, two on each side, on the back of the canvas.

The nails were too long and interfered with the hanging, so I hammered them down into the wood after I tied a string of jute around the nails.

Next, I had purchased two packets of 6 x 6 scrapbook pages and I hung them from the jute with little clothespins.

The scrapbook pages are going to serve as mats for the photos I print. In this way, I can change out the photos very easily through the year, or even just move them around, to make my rooms seem new.

I may even make some holiday or seasonal ones to put up.

I added some flowers in between. I want to add other things as I have time to think about it, such as lace or round stickers or anything that makes me feel good.

I had these metal magnetic hangers that I purchased from photo jo jo's a long time ago. I like them, but I could never really see all the photos I had on it because the photos were so small. I replaced them with mats and am printing out larger photos.

I am even printing out my favorite layouts in 6 x 6 and adding them! I love that.

These photos make it all look like a busy mess, but for us, we are loving being able to see the photos. For me, I love photos and I love photos and I want to surround myself with the things I love to see. Hubby keeps exclaiming too as he loves them just as much, which makes me feel good about this new change.

I used to have two frames with a mats with slits that I would change out photos every time we got new school photos or photos at Christmas so I would have one of everyone in the frame, but after so many years, I became bored with it. I needed change. I think this is the same concept as I have always loved to do, but expanded bigger and better, with more easy in changing up the photos.

I even put them in the bathroom! Most of the time when I am in my living room, it is dark and I am watching tv. Where do I spend most of my non-busy time? In the bathroom drying my hair! Now as I stand there drying off or drying my hair, or even the many times I go pee, I can see my favorite images.

Here's one of my layouts printed in 6 x 6.

And here's an image with my little puppy, Ria, telling me to go scrap. Hubby and I smile at it every time we see it.

I've had this window for a few years that we picked up downtown. Someone had painted it with a blue stripe and a yellow stripe and in the middle, the two come together and make green. It looks really cool sitting on the corner table at the window with the light coming through, but we wanted to change things up and it's been hanging in the kitchen for a while now. I decided to hammer jute strings on it too!

Now, every time we go out the back door, we can see the photos I hang on the window! I love it! I hung a flower heart on it too. Oh, and Ria's coat hangs there. I'm anxious to find things to fill it up more.