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Our First Real Christmas Tree


Original posted December 2006

It's time to share another craft!

This one is a bit lame.
Years ago, when we only had one child, my husband and I would travel about 30 miles with our friends to her parent's farm and tramps about out in fields looking for the perfect Christmas tree and cut it down ourselves. I remember stories of my parents doing that when they were first married and I was thankful to have a friend that could offer that to us also.

When we put up our first real Christmas tree, it was WAY too tall for the ceiling. Amazing how much bigger it was in the house than the fields. So we had to cut off the bottom of the stem. Sentimental me, I could not just throw it away, I had to keep it as a keepsake to represent our first real tree.

But what to do with it? It was just a block of wood. This is what I ended up doing with it, a bit lame, but it does get unpacked and displayed every year.

The arrival of our electric train under the tree eventually did away with our real tree years.

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