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We painted brooms! Such a blast!


We've never painted with a broom before, but such good girlfriend time! Loved how it turned out, but will see what the morning brings. We may just paint on it all summer. Who wants to join us next time? Just let us know and we can schedule a patio party.

On my patio, I hang cloth with clips between posts. I can let them dangle and blow in the breeze or stretch them between posts for privacy. I do like the white material hanging, so if I do not like how this looks, it can be used as a toss blanket on the patio couch or I can cut it up and sew envelope pillow covers with it or it can be a table cloth. Or I can move it about to different places on different days!

It is easy. We used a painters dropcloth, I think this one was $11. We used a bucket with some water, two brooms, and random colors paint that we love. Anything goes after that. Sometimes we dipped the brooms in the bucket to wet them. Sometimes we mixed the paint and water in a little plastic container and then dipped and splattered it or drew circles. Sometimes we put the paint directly on the canvas and brushed with the brooms. Sometimes we dumped the bucket of colored water on it and got fresh water. If we did not like what we had, we just put more paint on it.

This is the before photo.

The first paint strokes!

Just getting started and looking fun!

I love this shot. You can see the dots we love letting the paint drip off the brushes.

About 3/4ths of the way done with our playing.

Here's what it looks like gracing my patio. I'm not sure I like so much color. This may end up being a blanket or a table cloth.

The back side. I think for me personally, we are going to have to work on softening it.

We talked about painting birds or whatnot on it too!