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Yellow Stains in Baby Clothes

So we have pulled out our son's "baby box" because he is about to have his first child. We are scanning all the papers in the box and taking photos of everything else before we give it to him. I'm certain he is going to appreciate seeing it now that he will have his own little one.

However, I discovered the little outfits I saved had yellow spots on them! Of course, they were clean when they went into the box, but developed a yellowing over time.

I did some research online and one of the tips was to put the clothes in boiling water with cleaner and to let them set for at least 24 hours. If the yellow was not gone, to repeat.

So, I've been cooking baby clothes!
Yep, it's quite funny having a pot of baby clothes on the stove.
I'm just hoping no one turns it on and burns them or that company comes over and asks what's for dinner.

Three cleaners were mentioned. First, Dawn dishwashing soap was mentioned in several articles, so it must be a good thing. It sure does cut through grease on dishes, so why not whatever made the yellow stains too, right?

The next two were oxyclean (which I did buy) and Biz. I decided to start with Biz and if it did not work, try the oxyclean second. So, I put a bunch of Biz and a bunch of Dawn in the boiling water and cooked me up some baby clothes!

For the most part, all of the yellow was gone after 24 hours! We dumped the pot in the washing machine with all the water and more detergent. Since the dryer would commit any stains into the clothes, and just in case there is some yellow hiding somewhere (I did spy a bit on the bib string), I can re-do it again with the next batch. So here they are, air drying on my flat air dryer thing.

Aren't they cute? It's so fun looking at them and remembering how little my handsome grown son used to be. When they dry, I may iron them before I take photos. Meanwhile, the next batch is going in the pot to be cooked (giggle). I hope to share them on my blog when I get the photos done.

Oh, and that baseball outfit is what he wore home from the hospital. I'm not sure why we picked that. Maybe in honor of my Grandpa who loved baseball or maybe I left it up to hubby and he picked the most "manly" outfit for his itty bitty son.

If you look hard enough, you can even see the little thing they put on his little "cone head" at birth. I have even the little hospital bracelets! Yes, I saved everything.