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Diluted White Paint -- I'm going to use it everywhere!



I wanted the old chair I bought last summer for the patio to look old and like it had sunbleached wood. I love the way it turned out, but I do no think you can see the transformation well in these photos. 

This is the before photo.  The seat was already becoming sun-bleached, but that is because we cleaned it with bleach about a month ago when we lifted a pot on it and found some maggots underneath it. The rest of the chair has rather dark wood.

This is the before of the seat.

This is the after of the seat.  You can tell it is slightly whiter.  I diluted some white paint (about the color of the canvas material behind the chair) and painted many coats on the chair.  It soaked in the watered down paint!  The chair was thirsty! It was rather relaxing sitting outside in the grass for a few hours painting while lost in thought. 

This is the after of the whole seat and I really love it! I love that it does look sun-bleached and still shows the real wood through it.

This was my second project of the day (the third being the garden rocks).

I had bought this sign for $3 for the guest bedroom about a month ago. When I got it home, the color was good, but I did not like how bright it was. I've learned over time about myself that I love color, but I do not like brights.

With some watered down paint, I brushed it on, but had to wipe most of it off with my hand. I put several coats on it. Now I absolutely love the muted color! It set on top of the picture frame in the bedroom.

The bright color before I painted.

Here it is after I painted.

You can see the crinkly white that settled into the texture.  Although this picture my camera made it look more right again.  Oh, cameras and their exposure!

This is what it looks like in the bedroom with the lighting in the bedroom.  It really did change it a lot and now I love the color!

I think I'm going to be going around painting diluted white paint on everything now!



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