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My (make-shift) Bathroom Caddy


We've been working six weeks now on remodeling our bathroom.  It seems one thing keeps leading to another!  I'll share more later, but for now, I wanted to share with you what I did to hold my shampoo, razor, and soap. 

I did not want it on the wall anymore (we had suctioned holders on the wall) because the soap scum and hard water just drip down and there are more areas for mold to grow.  There are other options, such as holders over the shower head, but to me that is just hard on that pipe and might cause it to be damage.

I started out with a simple basket on the edge of the tub, but that is not conducive to holding water drippings and being waterproof.

So we headed to the store one day in search of something to work as a "shower caddy" and I searched online for a long time too, but everything for a "shower caddy" was just ugly and big.

Then it hit me!  Guess what I ended up looking at?  This in the photo is a "utensil holder" for the kitchen counter!  Also, wine holders would work too as they are similar shape and size.

I absolutely love it!  You cannot tell it is for the kitchen and once a week I pick it up and clean out the bottom of it.

I never have to move it, even when I lay in the tub.  My head does not hit it.

We like to leave the shower curtains open to see the new tiled walls and, as you can see, the shower caddy stays hidden so you do not see all that tacky stuff!  Cool, huh?


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