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Indoor Plant Lights

We previously had an electric faux fireplace under the TV on the left side of our furniture. I decided to sell it and at the suggestion of my sister, I bought some grow light strips which come with double-sided tape and put them underneath the top of the table. I gathered plants from around the house and arranged them. A trip to the store to buy some plates as water catcher saucers and some unique items for elevation, and I rather liked how it turned out! The big square is our base for the sound system which I keep covered with cloth.

At the same time, I cleared a shelf which is to the left of our TV and added a strip of lights there as well. Since the shelf is a bit higher, I did not like that I could see the lights, so I went back to the store and bought some lace which I used double-sided tape to tape along the front to hide the lights. I really like how it turned out and my plants really like the lights that come on automatically for 12 hours and then off again. Previously I had some lights that I had to manually turn on and off.


The lights themselves bring a new ambiance to the living room which I really like too! It's sort of like the effect you get with up lighting in a room.



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