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Rubbish Container


All the sudden hubby decided that the little metal trash can with the step on lid that he just had to have for the bathroom a few years ago was not something he wanted anymore. I jumped on the change to be creative and decorative with the trash and now we have a new rubbish container. Isn't it so cute?

I decided I wanted to hang something so we did not have to bend over. It did not need to be big because more often than not I walk the trash to the kitchen anyway. For now, we hung it on a towel hook. I might hang it from the wardrobe later, but here it is tucked so cute behind the door. It is actually a wicker purse! I took the lining out of the wicker because that would just get dirty with the trash and added a gallon size baggies inside. So easy to pick up and dump in the kitchen and put back as well.

I grabbed a scrap of fabric and wrote "rubbish" on it and merely poked it through the holes of the wicker. I had decided that even though we know what it is for, the guests needed to know.

I thought the simple sign added something to the uniqueness of the rubbish (trash) container in the bathroom.

I have had this heart hanging there on the hook for a very long time. I have loved the little lovely touch.

I also change out the colors of my towels and rugs once a month. I do so love change and the little things. February is always blue for "cold" and creamy white for warm comfort. Normally the towels are next to each other, but we separated them for now so guests could spy the rubbish container easily.

February 2020



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