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Edgar Rutledge Taylor and Emma May Anderson


Edgar Rutledge Taylor was born July 25, 1894 to Harry Milton Rutledge and Emma May Anderson in Fort Henry, Randolph County, Missouri.

Elizabeth Frances Canote was born about December 10, 1893.


When he was only 8 months, 14 days old, Edgar's mother, Emma May, died on April 8, 1895. James Polk Taylor and Martha Susan (Matlock) Taylor took in Edgar after His mother died and his father could not take care of him. Edgar's older sister Eva Jane continued to live with her father, Harry Milton Rutledge. Edgar would take on the Taylor name and become known as Edgar Rutledge Taylor. It is believe he legally changed his name to Taylor in his early teens.


In the 1900 census Missouri, Randolph County, Salt Spring, District 0137, Edgar "Taylor" is 5 years old living with James P. Taylor and his wife Martha. He is listed as their son.


In the 1910 census Missouri, Randolph County, West Salt Springs, District 0144, Edgar is 15 years old and noted as "adopted son." Also in the home are James P. Taylor (53), Mattie S. (44), and Susan Matlock (81, mother-in-law).


On May 4, 1913, Edgar Rutledge Taylor (18) married Elizabeth Canote (19).

Edgar's adoptive father, J.P. Taylor, gives his assent to the marriage. He is a resident of Hunstville and she is a resident of Clifton Hill, both in Randolph County, Missouri. They were married at Moberly, Missouri.

Left to right: Elizabeth Frances Canote, Edgar Taylor, Sarah Canote and unidentified fellow. Edgar and Elizabeth wedding photo. Found in the Canote Chronicles by Paul Zebe.


On April 23, 1914, Edgar and Elizabeth have a daughter, Nadine Frances Taylor.

On June 15, 1916, Edgar and Elizabeth have a daughter, Martha Helen Taylor.

On March 26, 1919, Edgar and Elizabeth have a daughter, Edna Louise Taylor.


In the 1920 census Missouri, Chariton, Salisbury District, 0041 Edgar R. Taylor is 25 years old and rents his home. His father was born in Illinois and his mother was born in Missouri. Also in the home are his wife Elizabeth (26), daughters Nadine F. Taylor (5), Martha H. Taylor (3), and Edna L. Taylor (3).


On January 18, 1922, Edgar and Elizabeth have a son, Howard Leslie Taylor.

On January 14, 1927, Edgar and Elizabeth have a daughter, Mildred May Taylor.

On February 22, 1929, Edgar and Elizabeth have a son, Edgar Taylor, Jr.


In the 1930 census Missouri, Randolph County, Huntsville, District 0015 (and page 2) Edgar is 35 working in the coal mine industry. Also in the home are his wife Elizabeth (36), Helen (13), Louise (11), Howard W. (8), Mildrid (3 3/12), and Edgar Jr. (1 2/12).


On November 20, 1932, Edgar and Elizabeth have a son, James Marvin Taylor.


In the 1940 census Missouri, Randolph County, Salt Spring (page 2) Edgar is 45 years old working as a farmer. Also in the home are Elizabeth (46), Louise (21), Howard (18), Mildred (13), Edgar (11), and James (7).


Edgar died March 27, 1962, at the age of 67 years.


Edgar's obituary in the Moberly Monitor-Index on March 27, 1962.


Elizabeth "Lizzie" died July 23,1975.

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