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Daughters of the Revolutionary War lineage:
Nancy Estes's parents (John D. Estes and Catherine Jane Kirkpatrick) (John's parents unknown)

Catherine Kirkpatrick's parents (Joseph Marion Kirkpatrick and Martha Patsy Ross)

Martha Patsy Ross's parents William Ross and Eliza Jane Allen | William Hugh Ross, Jr. and Mary Griffin

Other Ancestors:

Frances Skaggs parents: James Skaggs and Frances Beeler |

Joseph Kirkpatrick's parents ( David Sevier Kirkpatrick and Catherine White) | John Hugh Kirkpatrick and Margaret "Jane" Wilkins (possible Revoluntary War; there are 2 John Hugh Kirkpatricks)

Catherine White's parents (Joseph White and Janet Mebane)

Rutledge DNA Connection: Edward Gent Rutledge | James Enos Rutledge | William Richard Rutledge | Richard William Rutledge | Harry Milton Rutledge | Edgar Rutledge Taylor | (This line is connected by DNA, but we have not yet put together the puzzle pieces)

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William Richard Rutledge and Elizabeth A. Williams


William Richard Rutledge was born in 1796 to James Enos Rutledge and Eleanor Ellen Ralston in Flagg Creek Farm, Augusta County, Virginia.

Elizabeth A. Williams was born February 17, 1792, in Virginia to Richard Williams and Margaret VanAsdol.


William was a wagoner for the War of 1812 - he placed a request for Pension that war and there is a copy of handwritten letter stating his request and mentioning his younger brother, John who rode along with him.


This is the close proximaty of Augusta County, Virginia, where William was born and his parents resided and Greenbriar County, Virginia (now West Virginia). It is approximately a 3 hour drive today.


William and Elizabeth married in Greenbriar, Virginia in Jan. 26, 1816.


On December 27, 1816, William and Elizabeth have a son, Richard William Rutledge, born in Greenbriar County, Virginia.


In the August 7, 1820 census, Virginia, Greenbrier County, Lewisburg (county seat now), city of Frankfort, Richard is listed with the following details: Males Under 10 - 1, Males 26 thru 44 - 1, Females 26 thru 44- 1, Persons Engaged in Agriculture -1, Free White Persons Under 16 - 1, ree White Persons Over 25 - 2, Total All Persons White, Slaves, Colored, Other - 3.

This location is currently in West Virginia, but West Virginia became a state June 20, 1863. Interactive map of the formation of West Virginia.

It would seem that Frankfort is now Fort Ashby, West Virginia, from the internet, not to be confused with Frankford, but that city is not in Greenbrier County. Lewisburg is the county seat of Greenbrier County, West Virginia. There is a Frankford in Greenbrier County. The county was formed in 1778 from Botetourt and Montgomery counties in Virginia. Greenbrier County website today.

Interesting to note is the close proximity to North Carolina as I am trying to connect my brick wall of James Rutledge born 1790 in North Carolina.


In 1820 (after the above census), William and Elizabeth have a daughter, Sarah Rutledge. Sarah Married Jasper Harrison Twitchell on 8 December 1841 at Malcomb, McDonough, Illinois. She is the Mother of John Newton Twitchell. Sarah died July 14, 1848, at the age of 28 years. Sarah was enroute to the Utah Territory with her husband, Jasper and their son. They were in the Heber C. Kimball Company of LDS pioneers heading for the Salt Lake Valley. She died of "consumption" at 2 A.M. the morning of July 14th along what is now known as the Mormon Trail. This particular area was 21 miles west of Chimney Rock, Nebraska. U. S. Highway 26, running due west from Broadwater, Morrill County, Nebraska now virtually runs alongside the route at this point. At a location approximately Latitude 41.584 degrees North and Longitude -102.7776 degrees West, Sarah was buried that morning "at the foot of the cliffs of Ancient Bluff Ruins" which is about 4.4 miles from Broadwater. This frequently mentioned landmark is the most dramatic and extensive bluff formation along the north side of the North Platte River. These three erosional remnant buttes were named by English Mormon converts who thought they resembled ancient towers, castles and ruins seen in their homeland. Burials of those who died along the trail were made near landmarks, if possible, and this Ancient Bluff Ruins location was recorded in at least three different Trail Journals: Heber C. Kimball Journal, recorded by William Tompson. William Thompson's Personal Journal. William Burton's Personal Journal.


On May 2, 1821 (1822 per 1850 census), William and Elizabeth have a son, Robert G. Rutledge, in Greenbriar County, Virginia.


On January 29, 1827 (1829 per 1850 census), William and Elizabeth have a son John Rutledge, in Greenbriar County, Virginia. (Note: John married Susan Epperson and the land patent was joint Richard Rutledge with James H Epperson. Susan's father was Squire Boone Epperson)


In 1828, William and Elizabeth have a daughter, Eleonea Rutledge in Greenbriar, Virginia.


1830 census -- (find it)


In 1831, William and Elizabeth have a son, George Rutledge, in Greenbriar, Virginia.


In 1832 (or 1834), William and Elizabeth have a son, Josiah Rutledge, in Greenbriar County, Virginia.


The family moved from Virginia (West Virginia) to Fulton County, Illinois between 1832 and 1835, before West Virginia became a state in 1863.


In the 1840 census, Illinois, Fulton County (city not stated), Williams is listed as: Males Under 5-1; Males 10 thru 14 - 2, Males 15 thru 19 - 1, Males 40 thru 49 - 1, Females 5 thru 9 -2, Females 10 thru 14 - 1, Females 15 thru 19 -1, Females 20 thru 29 -1, Females 40 thru 49-1, Employed in Agriculture - 4, Free White Persons Under 20 - 8, Free White Persons 20 thru 49 - 3, Total Free White Persons - 11. Living next door is an "L. Rutledge" and two above is a "Mary Rutledge."


In the 1850 census, Illinois, Fulton County, Town of Farmers, William R. is 54 years old, born in Virginia in 1796, with an occupation as farmer and a valuation of 1500. Also in the home are Robert (28, born 1822, farmer), Eleonea (22, born 1828), John (21, born 1829, farmer), George (19, born 1831, farmer), and Josiah (16, born 1832, farmer). All are born in Virginia.







Elizabeth died March 26, 1850, in Fulton County, Illinois.

William Richard Rutledge died March 26, 1892, in Fulton County, Illinois and is buried in Barker-Miner Cemetery.

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