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George W. Rutledge, Sr. & Rosine Elizabeth Boyer


George W. Rutledge, Sr. was born February 22, 1830, in Missouri to James Rutledge Sr. and Frances Skaggs. (where is the source of Jefferson County?)

Rosine Elizabeth Boyer was born January 23, 1836 near French Village, Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri to Jean Baptiste Boyer and Maria Aurore St. Germain.


Rosine Elizabeth Boyer was born January 23, 1836 near French Village, Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.

I had previously given Rose the name Rosine Esiell Boyer from other genealogists. However, after research, I have corrected her name to Rosine Elizabeth Boyer. The following gathers together her name in documentation:

1. In the county record of marriage, her name is Rosine Boyer.

2. In the June 2, 1880 census, Kingston Township, Washington County, Missouri, she is listed as "R. Eriell."

3. In the June 6, 1900, census, Washington County, Richwoods, District 0139 census, she is listed as "Rose I."

4. In the February 22, 1903 newspaper clipping celebrating her 77th birthday, she is called, "Rose."

5. In the May 12, 1910 census, Saint Francois County, Randolph Township, District 0083, she is listed as "Rosine."

6. Rose's death certificate lists here name as "Rosie E."

7. On her son James William's death certificate his mom's name is listed as "Rosa."

8. The family Bible lists her name as "Rose E."

In tracing Rose's parents the following information is considered:

1. Rose's death certificate gives her parents names as Marion Boyer and Francis Mosy. To date, I can find no information on Marion and Francis.

2. Rose's obituary lists one sister, Julia Dean. I found Julif Dean's death certificate and immediately dismissed it because the parents were not the same, listing "Batise" as the father and "Nora Boyer" as the mother. Later, I found this information helpful in confirming other research results.

3. A baptism record for Rose Elizabeth Boyer lists her parents as Jean Baptiste Boyer and Aurore St. Germain. Since this conflicts with the death certificate, I dismissed it at first, but upon a closer look, the birthdate of January 23, 1836, can be confirmed in three other documents, the death certificate, the obituary, and the family Bible. The "Batise" in Julif's death certificate would be "Jean Baptiste" and the "Nora" would be "Aurore," giving them the same parents. In addition, the birth parents were present when a baptism was recorded, but the informant of a death certificate is more likely to be incorrect.

This is a transcription of the baptism entry by Ida M. Schaaf, the sister of priest, transcribed in 1939.

This is the original baptism record of 1836 for St. Joachim Roman Catholic Church in Old Mines, Missouri.

The Godmother is "Rosine Lamarque" and it would seem that our Rosine Elizabeth Boyer was named after her. The Godfather is Étienne Boyer. (How are these two related?) I researched for a few hours these two unsucessfully, but have noted that the Lamarques were big contributors to the church in Old Mines. Also, Étienne is translated as Stephen.


The 1830 census for George's father, James Rutledge, lists 2 males under age 5 (Hiram and George), one male between 30 and 40 years (James), and one female 20 and 30 years old (Frances). This census is in either Meramec Township, Crawford County or Meramec Township, Washington County.


Note: Find Rose in 1840 census with her parents (lists only male head of household name).

In the 1840 Census in Liberty Township, Washington County (and page 2), George is listed as a checkmark in the "Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14" block, being he was 10 years old.


In the 1850 census, Liberty Township, Washington County, Missouri, George is living with his parents at the age of 20 years. He has 4 younger siblings living in the home and his father is a farmer born in North Carolina. (note, George's son James Bernard's death certificate indicates he was born in Potosi in 1852).

George married Rose Elizabeth Boyer on November 18, 1851, in Old Mines, Washington County, Missouri (county record). He was 21 years old and she was 15 years old. (what church?) They would had 5 children.

George Rutledge


Their first son, James Bernard Rutledge, was born October 18, 1852, 11 months after their marriage. George was 22 years old and Rose was 16 years old. George's father, James, had died just days before on October 7, 1952.


Their second son, George W. Rutledge, Jr., was born about December 22, 1856.

Their third son, Stephen John Rutledge, was born January 14, 1859, in Potosi, Washington County, Missouri.


In the August 17, 1860 census in Liberty Township, Washington County, Fourche A Renault post office, George is age 30, a laborer, born in Missouri. Rose is 25 years and the column "cannot read" is checkmarked. Also in the home is George's mother, Frances, at the age of 50 years, and three sons, James (age 7), George (age 3), and Stephen (age 2).

Fourche a Renault post office was about 8 or 9 miles northwest of Potosi, in section 7, township 38 N., 2 E. This is near the site of the old Mine Renault, discovered about 1725.


Their second son, George W. Rutledge, Jr. died December 22, 1860, at the age of 4 years.


Their daughter, Mary Ella Rutledge, was born June 04, 1868. George was 38 years old and Rose was 32 years old.


Note: Find family in 1870 census.

The family was in Liberty Township in 1840, 1850 and 1860. George's father, James died October 7, 1852, and George's mother, Rose, continued to live with her son, George, in Liberty Township in 1860, most likely the family home. However, in 1870, Rose is living with her son John R. in Johnson Township, Washington County. We see George is living in Kingston Township in 1880, so where did he take his wife and 3 children (James Bernard, Stephen John, and Mary Ella) in 1870? Did he move far away and then come back? If he moved far away, that would explain why his mom did not want to move with him. Their son, James Bernard, marries in 1874.

In the June 2, 1880 census, Kingston Township, Washington County, Missouri, District 177, G.W. Rutledge is a white male, age 50, married, working as a miner. He is listed as being born in Missouri, his father in North Carolina, and his mother in Missouri. R. Eriell is white female, age 44, and keeping house. She is listed as being born in Missouri, as well as both of her parents being born in Missouri. In the home are their youngest daughter, Mary, at age 11, at school, and their oldest son James, age 27, working as a miner.

Their son, James Bernard, is also living in Kingston Township, but in two census, a second also with his family, but in the "west" District 177".

Note: Her parents place of birth information is conflicting with the 1910 census. Census were often incorrect and it is possible that because she could not read and write and spoke both English and French, that there was communication problems. Read the Wikipedia about Old Mines and the Missouri French. Read about Old Mines Historical Society.

This map shows the location of Kingston Township, Washington County, Missouri. Also circled are: French Village, where Rose was born near; Old Mines, where Rose's family moved to when she was young (and many Boyers lived); Potosi, where George's obituary indicates he lived at one time; Richwoods, where the Rutledge family originally settled; St. Clair, where George died at his son's home; and Desloge, where Rose died at her son's home..


We learn from Rose's obituary that George was a Reverend "called to preach the gospel." (what church? when?).

Note: 1890 census destroyed in a fire.


In the June 6, 1900, census, Washington County, Richwoods, District 0139 census, George has a birthday of "Feb 1830" which is different and made this census difficult to find. George is age 70 and "Rose I." is age 64. They have been married 49 years. Rose is listed as having 1 child and 1 child is living (incorrect info). George's father is indicated to have been born in North Carolina and his mother in Virginia. Rose's parents were both born in France. George's occupation is "wagon maker." He can read, write, and speak English. He is listed as owning a home. Rose cannot read or write, but she does speak English. Also listed with George and Rosine are their grandchildren, Mattie J. (age 17) and Maggie J. (age 20). Mattie's occupation is "day laborer." Living nearby is David Rutledge (Apr 1864), wife Laura F (Mar 1864), Gazre L. (5), Mary H (3), and Flora F (2 months). Are they related?


The follow was written in 1983 by Letha [Doyen] Metcalf (1902-1988): “My mother was raised by a strong Baptist grandfather and a strong Catholic grandmother.  They always had a lot of people around.  They raised 3 orphan kids, too, not their own.” Letha’s mother is Maggie Josephine [Rutledge] Doyen (1880-1958) and Maggie's father is Stephen John Rutledge (1859-1924), George and Rose Rutledge's third son.


On February 22, 1903, Rose celebrated her 77th birthday with family. The newspaper article reads, "Grandma Rutledge Celebrates 77 years. Grandma Rose Rutledge, of new Desloge, celebrated her 77th birthday anniversary Tuesday of this week at the home of her son, Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Rutledge, who gave the dear old lady a birthday dinner in honor of the occasion. Grandma Rutledge, though having passed the three score and ten milestone of life, is still hale and hearty, and only the hair that years have changed to an honored gray, gives her the appearance of having witnessed the frosts of so many winters. A few days before her natal day, she had her son write each of her children a letter, as is her custom, and with them we join in wishing for this kind old lady the happiness of many more such occasions."


From a quick review of the Jean Baptist Boyer family on Ansestry, he had about 15 children from his marriage to Aurore St. Germain. I wonder why Rosine's obituary would not list any of the other siblings? It could be that in 1916 Julie Boyer Dean was the only other sibling living (death in 1924)

George Rutledge Stone

George died April 06, 1904 in St. Clair, Franklin County, Missouri at the age of 78 years. He is buried at the United Methodist Church of St Clair Cemetery, Also known as: IOOF Community Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Both George and Rose died at the home of their son, James B, but in 1904 James was living in St. Clair and in 1916 he was living in Desloge. The two are not buried together.


In the May 12, 1910 census, Saint Francois County, Randolph Township, District 0083, Rose is living with her son, James B. Rutledge, and his wife and son, James W. Rutledge, and a servant, Martha Burt. Rose is 76 years old and widowed, having given birth to 4 children, with 3 children still alive. Rose was born in Missouri and both of her parents were born in France. There is an immigration year listed of 1818 along with naturalized. With Rose having been born in Missouri in 1836, these facts would have to apply to her parents. Self native tongue is listed as "English and French." Her occupation is "dependent." She cannot read or write. Desloge is in Randolph Township. (children should say 5 born and 4 alive if John M. is child as per Bible)

Rose died on November 20, 1916, at the home of her son, James B. Rutledge, in Desloge, St. Francois County, Missouri at the age of 80 years, 9 months, and 27 days.

Rose's death certificate gives the following information:

The date of death is different than the obituary: December 1, 1916. The age is different by one day as 80 years, 9 months, and 28 days. Her name is listed as "Mrs. Rosie E. Rutledge." The place of death is St. Francois, Randolph Township, with the Village of Desloge crossed out. Her birthdate is January 23, 1836. Her birthplace is shown as St. Francois (County), MO and in small writing it appears to read "French" [Village] and seems to be written over. Her father's name is Marion Boyer and her mother's name is Francis Mosy Boyer and their birthplace is listed as unknown. Her son, James Rutledge, signed as the informant. The date filed is December 1, which makes me think that the date of death is incorrect because I doubt the document could be filed the same date that she passed away. However, the doctor signed that he attended her from November 22, 1916, through December 1, 1916, and that he last saw her alive on December 1, 1916. The cause of death is interstitial nephritis due to old age (kidney failure) for 2 years. Burial was at Desloge Cemetery, Desloge, Missouri, on December 3, 1916.

Rose's obituary reads as follows:

Washington and Franklin County Papers

please copy

Rose E Boyer was [born] near French Village, Mo. January 23, 1836, and died at the home of her son J.B. Rutledge in Desloge November 20, 1916, age 80 years 9 months and 27 days.

While quite young she moved with her parents to Old Mines Mo where they resided and they came to Desloge some years ago.

She was united in marriage to Rev. G.W. Rutledge Nov. 18 1851 she eversharing with him the joys and hardships of life as he was called to preach the gospel.

Five children blest the home two have gone on before. Those surviving are J.B. [John Bernard] of Desloge, S.J. [Stephen John] of St. Louis and Mrs. Mary Buff of Cantwell. one sister, Mrs. Julia Dean of Old Mines. She also leaves 19 grandchildren and 38 great grandchildren. Her husband went home to his reward twelve years ago and she has since made her home with her son in Desloge.

It was the writers privilege to live near her and to know her last days on earth were spent in humbleness always trusting in her Savior with great faith in him to help in time of need. As the sun of day was going down in her life she said "I am ready and willing to go at any time the summons comes." Her life was one of courage, kindness, sympathy, love, and devotion to her family and God.

She was a good mother and a splendid neighbor always willing to extend a helping hand to anyone in need. Oh how we will miss her in the home but her memory will live in our hearts because she was good, kind, and true. It seemed that everything was done that lover hands could do to give her relief but of no avail. The race was run, the victory won through him that loved her, so her pure Spirit went out to meet her Christ to be with her kindred that have gone on before so we weep not as those that have no hope. So let us live that we may be able to meet her when parting will be no more and we will never say goodby, we are praying there will be an unbroken family there to live and reign with Christ forever.

The funeral sermon was preached by the writer assisted by Rev. J.G. Clark at the home November 22 at 2:20 o'clock amid many weeping loved ones that gathered to pay the last respect.

The remains were laid to rest in the I.O.O.F Cemetery to await the Resurrection morn.

With joy like Christ shall every saint his empty tomb survey.

Then rise with his ascended Lord to realms of endless day.

Rev. J.J. White

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There are two children listed in the George W. Bible on a death page as being "children of G.W. & R.E Rutledge," but I have not found them in any other sources. The 1910 census with Rose's amount of births do not agree with both being the children of George & Rose, but the census could be wrong as well. The first child of George's parents, George's brother Hiram, was written and then scratched out to add the heading. It is strange that Hiram is crossed out because he died at the age of 6 when George was only 3 years old, so it would be consistent for George to begin listing his parents first and then his first brother to die. George does have a brother, John R., but he lived to be 78 years.

If this is accurate, their fourth son, John M. Rutledge, was born July 22, 1863.

Their fourth son, John M. Rutledge, died on July 24, 1881, at the age of 18 years, 2 days. (where was he in the 1880 census? did he move away on his own at age 17?)

George and Rose are also written in the Bible.

The other names listed on the Bible are George's parents (listed first), George's sister, Lucia, and George's brother, Stephen. Lucia died before George, but Stephen died after George. There seems to be 4 or 5 different handwriting styles (people) who made entries in the Bible.



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