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The Fun Extras - Set Seven

136. Tabnesia

Ever experienced this? Tabnesia....when you look at the tab that you opened sometime ago with no idea why you were at that web site. I think I may have been "afflicted" with this a few times.

P.S. Yes, this one is certainly "just for fun!" Did you smile?


Here are your comments!

Oh yes!! Or I start closing windows I've had open and then come to some website and I just stare at it and wonder how it ever got there. LOL!! Tammyshere

Ye, it's happened a few times too me and I wondered if the computer gremlins got on my computer! Belle33

All the time!!! I'll go to a website, then have no recollection why I'm there, shut it down ---THEN remember why I was there and have to go back again!!! NancyP

It happens to me, so I will jump on the "me too" bandwagon. ccynden

I am sure I have suffered from this! JustaMommie

I do it all the time, I get so easily side tracked by links that I end up with numerous tabs open find something interesting and have no idea how I got there. I love the name you have given to this disease - tabnesia a1bjm

Every now and then, yes. Dawn

oh yes, have been there and will more than likely be there again Dawn Miner

Yup, been there done that - and I've closed a website by accident then not remembered what it was so I could open it again Maggie

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