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The Fun Extras - Set Seven

140. Like a Boomerang

A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away. ~Bil Keane, "Family Circus"

........I think scrapping is just like this, don't you? The things we do in our community and kindnesses we show come right back to us like a boomerang. Don't you think our layouts do the same?

That's today's food for thought!


Here are your comments!

I think they do. Especially when I get to see my boys grabbing the books I've printed and looking through them over and over and over again. Tammyshere

Yes, I see it in my DDIL's faces and when they express their gratitude for the books I make for their families. I feel happy when I make each page, they feel happy as they look at each page, and I feel happy all over again just watching them being happy!!! Belle33

Absolutely! But I feel the boomerang will really come back years from now when generations down the road realize how lucky they are that we preserved all those family traditions and stories. Makes me smile!!! NancyP

Yeah, I love getting feedback from my layouts. I haven't scrapped in awhile, so I'm missing that feeling. But in order to get that feedback, I need to give. I think this is a great reminder for me to head to the gallery and leave some love! Dawn

It is more than gratifying when someone tells someone else, "oh you should see what Cindy has done". My family really goes overboard with the boomerangs and I watch the little ones just staring at themselves in my layouts. I learned that my daughter shows every layout of her first grandchild (another great-grandson for me) to her office workers and they ask if I can do collages for them. ccynden

I hope that the albums I have created have an impact in the future, when generations from now someone will be able to put names to faces and have a clear understanding of their family history. So definitely like a boomerang, always circling around but always returning to the beginning. a1bjm

yes when everyone sees my LOs they remember what happened again
and makes it them happy Dawn Miner

They definitely are like boomerangs! Love getting hugs! Love giving them! :) justamommie

At the moment most of my scrapping 'hugs'come from this community. My husband appreciates what I've done, but I need to get my layouts printed so I can share them with my other family & friends Maggie

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