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Scroll to Top -- I'm spoiled!

This was written 3/24/2012. I now use Chrome and a similar extension. Just search for it in the Chrome store.

I have gotten SO spoiled with my iPad and iPhone in that I can just touch the top of the screen and it scrolls right back up to the top.

I began wondering if there was any way I can get that feature in a browser.

When I am in the forum and I have clicked "new posts," selected a post, and clicked "view first unread," it is quick to find and read new posts in the forum. However, on my iPad, I just hit the top of the screen to scroll back up so that I can quickly click "new posts" again. In a browser, I have to scroll with my mouse wheel or use the scroll bar on the side of the page and I've gotten so spoiled and do not want to do that anymore!

Pinterest has this handy button that does the same thing built into it.

I found a Firefox add-on that does the same thing and now I do not think I can surf without it! You can find it here to install.

After you install it, be sure to restart Firefox as it does not automatically restart.

Now, you can right click anywhere on the page and choose to go quickly to the top or bottom of the page, but I personally do not feel I will use this method much.

To add icons to the toolbar, right click on the little "home" icon on the right side of the navigation toolbar.  Click "Customize."

In the popup box, simply click down on the icon you want to add to the toolbar and drag it to where you want it to be on the toolbar.  There are three available, but I did not add the one that toggles (personal preference).

Here is what my toolbar looks like after I add the two new icons.  If you do not have a need for the quick downward scroll, do not add it and clutter up your toolbar.  I think I will use it because I often scroll to the bottom of the forum for the admin login, but otherwise I may not use it much and would not install it.

Now, with one click, from any webpage, I can scroll back to the top!

This should be built in on every browser, in my opinion.  Do you agree?

Another option is to use the "home" key on your keyboard.

The up and down arrow keys seem to work for me in both Firefox and Internet Explorer on my laptop (but did not work with my computer keyboard and I am not sure why!)

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