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It takes 21 days to make a habit, but I believe that varies for each person.

I decided I need to track these goals and that an app might help me keep on track, so I began looking around for an app that was low cost or free that would work for me.

Pray/keep journal

No TV snacks


Eat right

Take acid reflux medication

Eat breakfast


Exercise dogs

Strides (iTunes $2.99) was the app I decided to try.  There is a video on their page for you to review.  The reason I choose it is because it gives four types of goals. 

Some apps merely give an option for "yes" or "no" weather you achieved a goal.  This works well for my goals of "floss, no TV snacks, prayer, etc that I simply want to do daily.

However, I realized that some goals were not so easy to track.  For instance, I want to have less debt by the end of the year.  This app has an option for a "target" by a certain date.  So I choose how much debt I want to be at by the end of the year.

The "target" option was also good for my digital scrapbooking goal of 100 layouts by the end of the year.

This app also has a "milestones" and "average" option for goals. I might use the "milestones" to create steps for a larger project (maybe creating a scrapbook or planning a party) or I might use the "average" to track a value of something over time (such as my average weight or average layouts scrapped per day).

I just downloaded the app and so far am happy with it.  I have only entered my goals, however, so cannot say whether it is working well for me yet, but I am hopeful.


Here are some others I found.  Just search for "habits" or "goals" in your app store.

Goal Tracker (Android- Free) looks good

My Wonderful Goals  (iTunes $1.99) Clean interface.

Way of Life (iTunes; free for 3 habits, $4.99 unlimited)  Every day asks "yes" or "no" to habit.


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